Saturday, 2 February 2013

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Man I've been busy! I've had a hell-a lot of work from uni recently, as well as proper work and then on top of getting to see people and evenings out, I have been left with no time for anything else... whingewhingewhinge.
I'm pretty sure this week is going to be just as full on BUT at least I have my birthday celebrations to look forward to now!YAAAAYY!
For now, here are some photos from yesterday when we were filming for a short fashion narrative film... I have literally never been so cold in all my life standing in the sea, bare foot, in a white lace maxi dress, in February. Never been so thankful for a pair of socks and my onesie before!
I'll pop a couple more photos up tomorrow!

Peace x


  1. For some reason I feel like you look like a pretty mermaid bcos of your makeup!

    1. thanks! :) I kind of felt like a mermaid but a very, very chilly mermaid! and with legs(obviously) :) x