Friday, 5 April 2013



So everything's gone into a bit of a whirl wind pretty quickly and I've suddenly found myself trying to find spare hours in the day, but here's a little catch up of what's been going on via the wonders of instagram!

Two weeks ago I started my 2 month internship with Coffin On Cake PR and as they're based in Shoreditch it's meant I've relocated myself to London, changing my morning commute from just over 2 hours to just under half hour! My first week was so tiring but completely worth it and although I'm happy to be home at the weekends, snuggled in my own bed, I'm itching to get back up there.

I've got a few more updates to do this week and hopefully I'll get the chance to tell you a bit more about all the bits and pieces I've been getting up to!


  1. love your outfit! the hairband is cute :) good luck with your internship!
    emma x

  2. hey rachel! i nominated you for the Liebster Award :) to see the rules etc. please go on my blog! xx