Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The past month has all been a little bit of a blur to be honest. One of those months where you feel like you've been rushed off your feet busy but you can't actually remember anything productive you've done.
The main thing is that I've had quite a lot of time off work as the stores been having a refit, which has left me a lot of time to see friends and go adventuring about as well as starting my dreaded third year project! .....cue nervous breakdown

As my final project is going to be based around a magazine, I will be creating, I've been doing a lot of research in to the beautiful magazines that are out there and available, which lead me to Cereal and Kinfolk which came through my letter box this morning, and I've literally fallen in love with them both. Right down to the paper they're printed on (yes i'm a geek), both these magazines are beautifully put together, filled with awesome photographs, lives and stories, and completed with stunning minimalistic layouts. On the verge of being more of a book than a magazine, these magazines are worth every penny and I definitely recommend them to anyone that hasn't seen them before and is looking for something a bit different to flick through!
www.kinfolk.com  |  readcereal.com

In other recent news I treated myself to a new lens for my camera and I've made a mid year resolution to myself to start taking photos every single day and document things a lot more! Let's see how long that lasts for...

Peace x

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  1. I love a magazine that feels more like a book too! They smell so much nicer than a glossy finish (hope you have noticed that too haha) can't wait to see what ideas you come up with for your final project - i'm sure they will be amazing!
    rebekah emilia xxx