Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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Only 8 days late but I've had to use my time to put in a lot of thought about what I want to achieve this year. This it the year I finish my degree and get to do, well whatever the hell I want to do, afterwards and I suppose then I have the rest of my life to get on with.

My main resolution for 2014 is to live more, I get so envious of people I see that go out and do things, I follow blogs and instagrams etc of these active people that get to do loads of things and I just sit there in my pit of jealousy like WAH why is my life not this cool, or why don't I get to do that.
WELL the other day it dawned on me, I can do literrallllyyyyyyy whatever (with obvious budget restraints) I want to do. SO that's the big one, DO THINGS... a little vague i know.

But here's the rest of the list...
- Drink green tea daily... (*I have recently learnt, do not drink on an empty stomach it makes you want to throw up)
- Learn to skate with Hannah
- Go Snowboarding
- Finally go to the opticians because you're blind
- First tattoo
- Go to Cornwall again
- Buy a wetsuit and play in the sea more
- Go to the gym regularly (4+ times a week)
- Create more of a capsule wardrobe
- Sell old clothes
- Try to be more adventurous with meals
- Finish uni with work you're proud of
- Go somewhere hot
- Laugh a lot and worry less
- Start the rest of your life



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