Sunday, 26 January 2014


Cardigan - H&M | Belt - ASOS | Polo Neck Crop Top - ASOS | Black Mom Jeans - Topshop (Sold Out) | Shoes - Topshop | Rings - Topshop | Bracelet - Lovaine |

Just a quick out of the day from yesterday which was my last ever day at Miss Selfridge. After 4 and a half years it was sad to go but definitely time, and time to focus on the last bit of uni and start growing up!

Anyway, this is one of my favourite outfits from recently. I don't know if other people get this but sometimes I feel that my wardrobe really isn't 'me' but recently I've had a massive clear out and started focusing on the things that I really enjoy wearing and only investing in things that are a nice quality and just plain and simple and now I feel so much more comfortable in every outfit I put on!

I also joined the gym early December and I'm finally feeling like it's paying off and I think being happy in your own skin definitely helps you feel happier being in clothes. AND it means I'm happy to wear all those crop tops I've bought and never ever worn!




  1. I feel the same way, I'm slowly decluttering my wardrobe and investing in more substantial pieces. Also, I love your cardigan! x

  2. I've been saying I'm going to get rid of things for a long time now, and I'm just starting. It's always hard sometimes to let things go.

    You look amazing, by the way. I love the simple look.